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Why Education is important?

A quote by Aristotle answers this question very briefly, accurately and shows the importance of education is,

“All men by nature desire to know”

As food is important for the body to grow, develop and progress in life, we need it three times a day and it affects our health so much that healthy food makes us healthy more active and fresh and junk food or unhealthy food have worse effects on the body. Similarly, Education is important for us in the life and we need it and get it in every step of our life.

First of all we must know what is education? So that we could get a better idea towards education and start getting education with a perfect vision of life and career. It will also help to gain some interest in getting education.

Education is different from literacy. Literacy is the ability of reading and writing like a drop while education is the ocean.

Education is the essence of life:

A quote by Mahatma Gandhi is,

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

We all have some different and unique built-in skills and abilities that generate many different interests in us. Education is studying from general knowledge of all subjects to the proper knowledge of a particular subject. It is the understanding of perception of a field and being able of applying the learnt skills in practical life. Exploring more about the subject, discover the hidden or unsolved riddles regarding to the subject. It reveals the true hidden us to us.

Education helps setting goals for the life:

We get education initially at school, further colleges, high schools help us to narrow down our interest to the a particular subject then graduation post graduation from universities and if we want to become the doctor of the subject we have interest in, we can also go through doctoral studies and can achieve PhD degree.

Education makes the character:

Education is not only the study we get in school, colleges and universities. Education is the gaining of knowledge of the world that is around us and makes us a better person in life. It builds our perspective towards the life; we have our opinions and point of views towards everything we encounter in life. Education is key factor through which we can differentiate in good and bad things and choose the better for us.

Many people have different opinions and definitions about education. Some considers it as the study of the School College and universities as I have mentioned it in above paragraph. Some consider it as the knowledge of world that makes us a better person for the world. All the definitions are fine because both describe the educations well. Education can be best described as the information with knowledge is education.

Real education is what life teaches us, education polishes our skills and abilities and makes us able to become a better person. What it does for is summarized in points below;

Security of future:

When you become an expert of a particular subject and field, it becomes your profession to earn for your living. It may be a job or a business that will guarantee a feasible future for you to live.

Proper attitude as a person:

An educated person will be responsible with his duties and relations because it has now included in his attitude to behave. He/she will be punctual and potential person in life who knows how and where to talk. Having an ability to talk or present his/her views according to the situation. Interpret and think out the box having a presentable personality. An educated person is a managed person that has many abilities of management.

Better Communication:

In process of education we meet different people, we make friends, colleagues and other different relations, and it gives the idea of communication to us. We develop communication skills to better express ourselves, to make us able to interact with known and unknown person.

Learn better and quick:

Education makes us able to understand and learn from the mistakes of others and analyse the situations accordingly. It makes us peaceful in person and quick in learning new things. It enables us to adjust in the environments smoothly.

Education for society and country:

As you have seen the importance of education for self, how it works for a person. Similarly if a society with more number of educated people will be more civilized, peaceful and clean. It works for the society as well as country. A better and educated citizen strives for the betterment of the country. Economy will flourish and the country will develop. It shows the importance of education that it helps us to make a better environment together.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet – Aristotle

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  1. Thanks for sharing informative article. I was looking for such kind of information as my sister is planning to do Biotechnology course from Chandigarh Group of Colleges Landran ( ). This article will be be helpful to her and clear her all doubts.

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