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“T The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Technology is the study of arts, skills and crafts that utilizes all the collected information and knowledge for a practical purpose. It either fulfills the era’s need or manipulates the environment to make it a better place for survival.

Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) is an undergraduate specialization in an array of technological engineering subjects. B-Tech is a four-year degree study program that opens the door to a bright future and allows you to develop a concrete career in engineering.

B-Tech Credit Transfer is an opportunity that is supervised by the University Grant Commission of India (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). It allows students to resume their education in case of failure, dropout, or moving around or across India. Now, Students can continue their education/course with the lateral entry in another UGC-approved university with the minimal required documentation from the previous institute/university.

Available Courses at Medugare:

At Medugare, we offer students a highly demanding array of courses through distance education that improves their career goals. These courses include;

• Aeronautical Engineering
• Automobile Engineering
• Biotechnology
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Science
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronics & Communication
• Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering Course

Aeronautical engineering deals with the objective, configuration, development and examination of aerospace science. It also deals with physical properties and powers behind aeronautics like crafts, rockets, shuttle, etc.
This educational program covers all the zones of the aerodynamic industry from theory to practical and trains the students to face all the difficulties and develop the most advanced solutions based on research and development. The understudy approaches the most recent adaptations of numerous analysis and design packages.

Aeronautical engineers have various career opportunities like System Safety Management Engineer, Aerospace Chief Engineer, Analysis Engineer, Instructor/Assistant Instructor, Design Engineer, Corporate Trainer cum Design Engineer, Lecturer & Professor, etc.

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Course

Automobile engineering incorporates all aspects of electrical, mechanical, electronics, safety and software development. Therefore, Automobile B-Tech degree is highly demanded in the market and ideal for people interested in automobile enhancement, development and manufacturing.

Aside from this, automobile engineers have to deal with various production aspects and cost management. This field also involves automobile dynamics, agitation, vibrations, noise deduction, and other automobile service, parts, and engineering details.

This course yields skilled automobile engineers trained to deal with technical difficulties and emerge the new and diverse trends in the industry to meet the needs of society.

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Course

Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse and flexible engineering fields. It involves the study of all moving objects and systems. Mechanical engineering contacts almost every part of present-day life, including the human body, a profoundly unpredictable machine. B-Tech mechanical engineering is a highly preferred subject because of its versatility.

Mechanical engineers are hired by well-known national and multinational organizations in various high-paid positions. The job of a mechanical specialist is to express the idea of a highly functional, aesthetic and sturdy product without a manufacturing failure or fault.

B.Tech Civil Engineering Course

As the name suggests, Civil engineering mainly focuses on fluid mechanics and geo infographics as the main structure of the syllabus. In addition, civil engineers work on analyzing plans, preparing survey reports, designing maps, compiling, and arranging other data to develop different projects.
B-Tech civil engineers are hired to deal and manage construction costs, report construction costs, regulating government construction projects, environmental safety and hazards, and risk analysts on different projects.

B.Tech Biotechnology Course

Biotechnology designing is applied science and substance designing rules that include utilizing living things in designing, innovation, medication, and other valuable applications. Therefore, the B.Tech Biotechnology prospectus is planned to improve practicals with critical thinking capacity by giving them essential designing subjects and apply something very similar in innovative work of biotechnical gear, which is generally utilized in clinical and pharmaceutical fields.

B.Tech Computer Science Course

Computer Software engineering includes efficiently contemplating systematic cycles (like calculations/algorithms) to help secure, portray, handle, stockpile, correspondence of and admittance to data. This is described by dissecting the practicality, construction, articulation, and automation of cycles and identifying with this data. The term ‘data’ usually alludes to data encoded in pieces and bytes in PC memory in software engineering.

The vast job titles for CS graduates are Programmer, Programming Designer, Systems Architect, Web designer, Mobile App developer, Website Designing, Network Engineer, Data Analyst, etc.

B.Tech Electrical Engineering Course

Electrical engineering courses are generally about power and its basics. It likewise covers different points identified with hardware and electromagnetism. It centers around the modern parts of Electrical Designing.

B.Tech Electronics & Communication Course

B-Tech ECE course is about the investigation of plans and examination of electronic circuits. Its principle execution lies in the telecom areas. It is focused on advances in primary regions like media communications, power and gadgets while advancing the improvement of the abilities needed to join equipment and programming parts.

The educational program gives understudies a strong base in hardware and correspondence designing through classes like simple and computerized interchanges, signals and constructions, present-day rationale and circuits, coding, etc.
B-Tech EC engineers work in different government and private areas as Electronic Specialist, Plan Designer, VLSI Architect, etc.

Difference between Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Communication

People often confuse electrical engineering with electronics and communication. However, these two are pretty different fields with entirely different course highlights and job profiles.

 Electrical EngineeringElectronics and Communication
QualificationB-Tech in Electrical EngineeringB-Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Course HighlightsThis course deals with electricity and electric circuits. Therefore, it emphasizes the electronics section.This course deals with the analysis and design of electronic circuits. It emphasizes the telecommunication section.
Main Job TitlesSr. Electrical Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical Engineer.Electronic Engineer, Application Engineer, CAD Engineer, Verification Engineer, etc.

Courses Highlight at Medugare:
All these courses are undergraduate degree programs of 4 years, including eight semesters. The main objective design behind our practices is to produce up-skill professionals who are experts in their specialized fields.
Minimum Eligibility:
Applicants must have cleared 10+2 standards of education with at least 60% of marks with the optional engineering domains like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and the entrance examination from the state for admission in B-Tech programs.
While B-Tech Credit transfer additionally requires a transfer certificate, previous documents of the university/institute and national identity card.

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